Founded in 1956

Medico-Legal Society of Ireland

The Annual May Dinner 2008

  • Saturday, May 10, 2008
  • Kildare St University Club
The Annual May Dinner was held in the Kildare St and University Club on 10th May 2008. Members were welcomed at a reception in the Drawing Room by our President Dr Antonia Lehane, and as the crowd gathered and swelled, so did the volume of conversation, as old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships cemented. Our invited speakers for the evening were Lord Justice Sir Paul Girvan, Northern Ireland Medico-Legal Society, and Dr John Morris, Vice Chairman of the Irish Medical Organisation. After a delightful meal in the Main Dining room of the club, our President Dr Lehane introduced Dr John Morris, who delivered an eloquent and amusing toast to ’The Law’ and Lord Justice Sir Paul Girvan replied with an equally entertaining and occasionally mischievous toast to ’Medicine’.

Lord Justice Sir Paul Girvan 

Dr Des McGrath then took the floor and informed us that Ms Mary MacMurrough Murphy BL was standing down as Administrator after many years. He reminded us of her invaluable contribution over the years, and of how the Society may well have not survived without her constant hard work and attention. A special presentation of a glorious bouquet of flowers was made and Ms Mac Murrough Murphy BL took the floor and charmed us all with her stories and memories of the Society 

Ms Mary Mac Murrough Murphy BL 

The members continued to enjoy themselves very late into the night and all agreed that the Society had enjoyed yet another triumph of social activity. 

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